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More Beautiful Trees!


Beautiful old trees in Granite Creek park

I’ve enjoyed my time in Prescott and enjoyed the sweet little trail along Granite Creek. The Creek runs through town and has this trail that leads ultimately to a park. These trees are in the park. Everywhere you go in Prescott it seems that there are trees. It certainly isn’t as green as Seattle, where I used to live, but I’m enjoying all the green trees. My heart especially lights up when I see Aspen trees.

I used to crawl out my window and sleep in a tree. I loved how it’s branches held me in such a loving embrace. It felt more like home than the bedroom I had inside the house.

Perhaps that is why I still love trees so much. I talk to them, lean against them, feel their bark and tell them how much they mean to me. They seem to ground me and bring me back to a place of peace.

Do you have a part of nature that particularly calls to you?

The Sweetness of Trees


Montezuma castle 1 big old tree

I stopped at Montezuma Castle today. It is a group of cliff dwellings created by the Sinagua Indians circa 1100. On the grounds was this lovely tree. Ever since I was a young child and would crawl out my window and sleep in the tree in our backyard, trees have always held a fascination for me. I have always had a favorite tree on a route to work, route to the store, route to my son’s school. I will drive out of my way to gaze at a tree that I love. Even walking in Prescott, passing old historic buildings, stores filled with beautiful art, it is the quaking Aspen trees that delight and inspire me.