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Dissonant Energetics Are Arising…


Dissonant Energetics Are Arising….

I have followed and enjoyed these posts for a year or so, even though they are at times cryptic.

Mmmmmm staying in peace during the cleansing of these dissonant energies, that is the challenge isn’t it? I can certainly attest to how difficult that can feel, as I’ve faced plenty of them during my over seven month journey on the road, sometimes not knowing where I’d be staying in a few days or a week, all while surrendering to where I’m led to bring healing to places, homes and people.

At times it is so easy to feel afraid, uncertain, frustrated or even angry, falling into “woe is me”. But then, I once again have to take a deep breath, acknowledge the light and love I have brought to everyone and every place I’ve been around, see that I have been taken care of, with even the clashes being learning and healing experiences and trust that I will continue to be taken care of in the future as well.

I’m soon to depart my latest brief landing space, and although I will be glad to leave it as I’ve not felt comfortable here, I am still willing to be honest about my present feelings of concern and distress over how things ended up here.

So my work in this moment, the work for all of us, is to continue to tap into the support we have on this beautiful planet, and from friends seen and unseen and Spirit, and once again leap into the unknown, trusting our wings will carry us even higher. I know that the world we are creating now is so wondrous, and so much more comforting than the one we are leaving behind.

Ready For Softness


Heart cloud 2

Yesterday my circumstances and arising situations led me to a huge AHA. I believe we choose our parents based on what our soul desires to learn, as well as choosing our circumstances, so that our soul can heal old wounds and recover its divinity and sense of oneness. I looked at the harshness I had chosen, with a body close to death often, struggling to breathe for days at a time, undergoing painful treatments and tests, along with scary and lonely emergency room and hospital stays. I piled onto that several injuries and accidents. Along with this harshness, like many, I had wounded parents who really didn’t belong together.

My Mother grew up physically and verbally abused by her Father, then chose my Father to marry, a man who verbally abused her more along with having affairs. This was my model of relationships; so needless to say, my relationship choices weren’t great either. I grew up with my parent’s judgments reflecting their own battles with self-esteem and self-love. But I see how all of this was chosen by my soul to heal the many lifetimes I had been killed for doing my spiritual healing work, so it was all perfect.

Yesterday I looked at how most people in the world grew up with similar harsh situations as that is the structure that has ruled the world for a very long time. Buddha talked of the suffering we experience, not as a necessary experience but as the result of our distorted thinking, and seeming separation from God. Jesus also talked of the importance of keeping our focus on God, which is our true self and destiny, not when we die, but right now as we dismantle this darkness that has enveloped us and the world.

I see that we are all in the process of throwing off the mantle of struggle, lack, limitation, enslavement, violence and separation. We are all in the process of reclaiming our sovereignty, freedom and joy. And I believe this will usher in softness, ease and harmony.

Can you imagine truly feeling loved, just as you are, feeling it deeply inside? Can you imagine feeling safe and secure, knowing that your neighbor, people from other countries, people from other planets, are trustworthy, come in peace and are truly just another version of you? Can you imagine all your needs taken care of, plenty of healthy food to eat, a comfortable home, clean water, supportive environment? Can you imagine expressing the truth and beauty of you, unhindered, blissfully?

I feel this is the world that we are presently creating. Doesn’t it feel soft, comfortable, comforting?