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I want to thank Stuart M. Perkins for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blog Award.  I love his blog and you can find it here https://storyshucker.wordpress.com/2015/02/25/very-inspiring/  Stuart has this amazing way of noticing the little things, with great appreciation, and writes about them with humor and much love. He shares stories of his childhood with his large extended family, stories of past adulthood with a close group of friends, stories of interactions during his day….and all woven to remind us all to pay attention to those we love, our environment, our foibles, and to cherish them all.

I appreciate the nomination as it has been my focus all my life to inspire others and to lift them up. I was a cheerleader in high school, even managing to change how cheerleaders were chosen (an activist even then), moving it from a popularity contest to one of skill and ability to truly fulfill the role. I took it seriously, to blend my passion for dance/music/lyrics/art to incite others to cheer on our teams.  And I still do the same in my healing work, workshop leading, blog writing and conversations.

I’m declining to follow the rules of the nomination as I went through it awhile back with another nomination. But I don’t take these nominations lightly, as to me, I feel honored that Stuart appreciates my blog, as I appreciate his and the others I follow. I admire anyone willing to expose themselves in this public way, sharing their passions and gifts with the world.

So please check out Stuart’s wonderful blog and the others he mentions as well!

Thank you for reading and sharing my musings! Thank you for being here on this planet during this powerful time.

Much love, katelon