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It Truly IS Time For Victory To The Light…and YOU can help!


Neither John or I have written much lately about the work we are doing.  The announcement of the surrender came so close but then there were errant people of power that needed work, and some still straddling the fence between light and dark, plus the Nouveau dark power leaders that refuse to surrender even though the stand down order has been given.   So it has been one tedious 24/7 day after another coming with more interventions, authorizing the light ET’s and the members of the light to intervene more and more as we work to finish this battle between the light and the dark, at least enough to open the way for the surrender team to make the announcement that will fully shut down the dark. The Nouveau dark know it is a losing proposition, they know the surrender is coming quickly and they are pulling out all stops.  They are attacking other lightworkers and John and I more as well.  I passed full exhaustion months ago, so each day surprise myself by staying positive and active in spite of any new symptoms of the dark’s attacks. I know the light is protecting me and protecting all light workers so we can do our jobs.

The battle IS being won though. So I wanted to harness your energy and support to see this project through.  Since it is spring and where I’m staying presently offers many demonstrations of that in my daily walks, I’m going to share some lovelys and walk you through an experience to harness light and love and claim it for yourself and the world, along with FULL Victory to the light.

Look at this Iris.  It blooms for only a day, and yet it bursts forth with all its got, in all its beauty. It may only have a day, but it shows up boldy, even though it is soft, fragile, delicate….like the light. But don’t let that fool you, as it managed to withstand the drought conditions of Southern California, and still burst forth to share its beauty with the world.


Take another look from another angle and see how deliberate it is in its structure.  Each part knowing its place, just like the light forces.  Each member of the light forces, each of us, knows in our deepest heart what part we are to play in finally bringing this surrender announcement over the finish line:


And now, face it full on, take in it’s full beauty, design, structure…its victory in blooming for this one glorious day!  This shift, this victory to the light has been long planned.  Everyone has trained long and hard for it over many lifetimes. Together we are creating a new timeline, a timeline of Oneness, that is just as beautiful and more so, that this Iris, just as ornately designed.  The seed was planted long ago, waiting dormant in the soil of humanity, and now it is time to sprout and bloom:


Now let’s add in more senses.

Here is some Jasmine, which is in full bloom around the neighborhood here. Can you smell the scent?  The light that is available to us now is that tangible. Scent is one of the strongest memories, so you can’t forget what it was like to be One with Source, to live in Unity with all others. That experience is in your DNA and no matter what the dark has tried to do to manipulate our DNA, we are ultimately created by Source and the memory is there…so just as you can smell the Jasmine, remember smelling Jasmine at some point…in a soap, a perfume, your childhood home perhaps, a favorite park or arboretum, ….so take in that smell and remember your origin, remember your power as you unite with all others, with Source:


And now…as you view this lavender, you might notice the slight breeze that is blowing the flowers back and forth, gently, barely perceptible, yet…you can feel it, can’t you?  Surrender to that breeze, trust the movement that is taking place on these lavender flowers and on us, as Source, Ascended masters, archangels, stir our souls to action, supporting us, prodding us, awakening us to take a stronger stance as we stand for the light now, fully, completely.  And allow the healing properties of the lavender aroma to relax you, keep you alert, yet at peace, as together, we take this last and final stand:

wpid-2015-04-29-13.56.10.jpg.jpegI welcome and appreciate your presence and participation in this last activity to bring the dark to their full surrender, standing ready to transform it with love, compassion and light, allowing the dark to transition, along with us, so together, we may forge a new world of cooperation, forgiveness, creativity, as we embrace our divine selves ….in the light…in love…in UNITY!


much love, katelon

Celebrate, Celebrate, Dance To The New Day!!! Yay!!!!!!!


Photo taken from Google images, so I apologize to the creator of this for not having your information to post here. Thanks for the image.

Good news friends!!! John and I just got news this afternoon that the Cabal/Illuminati has been defeated. As I’ve written, the Chimera surrendered already, the Archons chose to transition to the light and the Cabal were the last hold outs. John and I did a 2 hour session earlier and negotiated some shifts toward this, so it is exciting that within 2 hours after that, the defeat was accomplished. I’d like to thank President Obama, Putin, and all the other group members who have tirelessly worked toward this event, both in and out of body. I asked St. Germaine how long after this defeat it will take to shift humanity and the planet into the light, asking for a physical earth time answer, and he responded that it would happen within a few days at the most. So may it be so!!! Our information comes on an energetic level and shifts into the physical take time, so it was great news to have this response. You can find out more particulars about all of this on John’s blog http://www.freedom4humanity.wordpress.com I’m really hoping to see real tangible evidence of this soon. Operating on the energetic level, like I do, can bring doubts and questions, but i have seen some outward shifts as well. So I’m personally looking forward to seeing this all show up within days.

After working to oust the dark since the beginning of it’s inception in this universe, it is a great relief to have this finally happen. It makes all the horrible tortures and deaths I went through in other lifetimes and all the struggles, challenges, betrayals and abandonments this lifetime worth it. I am so grateful that Spirit connected John and I so we could do this work together, so grateful for John creating the space for me to join him in this work, very grateful to you all my readers and friends for your support, too. I may not physically be connecting with you but I can feel your energy and it has been invaluable.

I’m going to keep this short today but just wanted to let all of you know this wonderful news. Soon the planet and thus your lives are going to be showing up in a much different way, a much better way. So get ready and put in your “order” for the kind of life and world you now choose!!!

Victory to the Light! Love Wins!

Much love to you all!

And let me know your thoughts and feelings and experiences!