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The Shift Into The Light, WILL Shift Everything….It’s Time To Blossom!


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Katelon T. Jeffereys

My heart goes out to all those recently killed and injured in the Parkland, FL school shooting, as well as all those who experienced that shooting.  My heart also goes out to all those throughout the US who were driven to commit such shootings, feeling compassion and sadness for their pain, loneliness, and isolation, even while I don’t condone their actions.  All of humanity has been living in the matrix, held in economic slavery by the dark secret government, their allies, minions and dark opportunists, who profit off of and support their dark agenda.  All of life on earth has been poisoned by their dark technologies, and interference, ruled by dark governments controlled by the dark secret governments, held separate from our divinity and separate from each other.  Wars, abuse, poverty, illness, violence, and dis-ease have been the constant results.

However, I can feel the positive shifts within me as the light increases around the world.  I can see the positive shifts in all the marches that have taken place around the world: Women’s marches; marches protesting racism and inequality; marches protesting the dark legislation and focus on continuing the extreme disparity between the poor and the extremely wealthy 1%; marches to protest the attacks on our environment; and many other positive protests.

A few days ago I experienced this wonderful transmission by Steve Nobel.  I was thinking of the powerful actions being taken by the courageous teens from Parkland, FL, protests to demand action by the US president and congress to counter the increasing number of school shootings across the US.  In my opinion, we don’t need to own guns, especially weapons of war.  I understand that others believe the US constitution’s 2nd Amendment is written to guarantee every citizen the right to own a gun, even though that amendment was written during the time of the American revolution and refers to militias, not stating that every citizen should walk around with a gun.  I was considering the difficulty that arises around not only the gun issue but the issues that arise in all legislation proposed in the US and all countries.  Everyone has their own opinion about what is right.

Suddenly, while experiencing the power of this transmission, I realized that in truth, we don’t get “there” with 3D solutions.  Although I celebrate the wonderful and empowering efforts by these bright students, as their efforts serve to wake people up, they serve to say NO MORE to violence and greed that overrides what is for the highest good for the planet and humanity, I understood that these situations will ultimately change not via laws but through all of humanity and the planet rising up to a higher dimension. What we are seeing presently via President Trump and especially the GOP, but not only the GOP, is the old: the ways of the dark, focused on greed, exploitation, the mind game that hides dark actions in promises of good for all, and in truth is to provide more profit for the wealthy.

While moving more and more deeply into this transmission though, I felt myself rising above the present 3D paradigm and while in this higher vibration, I could feel that NO ONE would even consider harming another or the planet.  I could feel the Oneness, my heart connected with the planet, the Elementals, all life on earth and beyond. I could feel the vastness of my soul and thus compassion, love, and empathy were in the forefront.

I feel and experience that we ARE in the midst of these changes, we ARE in the midst of Shifting onto a higher timeline of Oneness and Abundance.  When all humanity is lifted to this vibration, our united focus will be on caring for each other and the earth,  nurturing ourselves and each other.

I’ve included the transmission in case you’d like to experience it, too.

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Love, katelon

Loving The Dark and The Light!


Sunrise to the East

Years ago I was interviewed on the Humboldt State University radio station, speaking about how individual healing leads to global healing. The show was scheduled way in advance, and as fate had it, I was interviewed on the night the US declared war on Iraq the first time. I wrote a blog post about it, years ago, entitled “Peace, what are you giving and receiving?”. Throughout the years I have explored more deeply into this topic.

Scientists are now proving that we truly are one, that what goes on inside of us affects everyone. It has been documented that large focused group meditations can affect sun spots, and a decline in emergency room visits and crime has been noticed as well. The fact that you can walk into a room after someone has been in an argument and feel it has been scientifically explained.

In 2004, when Dennis Kucinich, one of my heroes, spoke at the University of Washington, he spoke about violence. He talked of being in congress as they were deciding whether to enter or assist in a war going on elsewhere. He said he looked around the room at all these intelligent people and was wondering about this discussion taking place. He decided to look at violence and why it is a part of our reality. As he spoke of this, he was standing at the front of the stage. His first observation was to look at what causes war and violence between countries. Then he stepped back a little bit on the stage and spoke of then looking at what causes violence in a community. Then he stepped back further, as he mentioned looking even more deeply into what causes violence in a family. Then he stepped back even further, as he talked of looking even more deeply into what causes violence within him. It was a very powerful teaching moment.

Today I read an article, a transcript of an “interview” between Steve Beckow interviewing Linda Dillon channeling “Maitreya”. http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/06/maitreya-i-am-among-many-who-return-to-walk-among-you/

In the interview, Lord Maitreya, spoke of how we as humans feel so guilty, thinking we have done something wrong, are separate from Spirit and so we project that guilt outward as blame. He also spoke of the powerlessness that many feel. Maitreya reminded us that the evil or dark we assign to a Christian, a Muslim, a Hindu, someone of another culture or ethnicity, or the Illuminati, or Cabal, is also represented within each of us. AND, even more importantly, the true nature of all of us is light, love, our connection with Divine source and oneness. To put it in Christian terms, we ALL ate the apple. But even closer to the truth, is that ALL of us never truly left oneness. Our true nature is immense and vast light. This illusion we carry and is taught us, is what keeps us feeling so separate, so easily shaming ourselves and leading to guilt, along with projecting that outward in blaming others or attacking others.

I read a reference the other day to the movie “Cocoon” and it pointed to the scene where the ET’s, took off their human “suits” and underneath they were just light beings. The article reminded us that in truth, we are those light beings, just forgetting that we put on this light suit, and getting so lost in this illusion of separation that we have created this entire history of war and violence, lack and limitation, struggle and challenge on this planet. I used to not understand Buddha’s reference that this world is just illusion. But lately, more and more, I am beginning to see the truth that it really is all an illusion, that we all created this violence and separation out of a lie.

It seems that most of the revered spiritual teachers have spoken of this, all using perhaps different metaphors, such as Jesus reminding us to first seek the kingdom of God, the truth, the light, the love; and others pointing to the truth in other words.

I feel that we are in the midst of waking up to this truth, as this world transforms, and as we do, we will design and create another way of being and living. It feels as if instead of writing the screen play for a disaster movie or a war movie, we will write a new script that is uplifting, beautiful, encouraging; a movie/life/world of peace, cooperation, harmony and joy.

As we learn to forgive ourselves for these perceived mistakes we have committed, forgive others for buying into that same lie, it frees everyone up to take off those warring, angry, violent, fearful human suits and expose our beings of light.

Ah what a blissful time THAT will be!!!!!