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Taking a Chance!



I went to Lake Patagonia today. This was part of my adventure of being on the road for 22 weeks so far.  I leaped out of Seattle, WA. Nov. 1st. 2012, not sure where I’ll end up or when, funding uncertain. I leaped because Spirit guided me.  I knew I needed to trust. I knew I had spiritual work to do for the world, so I trusted I would be led to where I could be of service and shine my light. 

Some times have been challenging, some times have been great fun and through it all I’ve been taken care of.

I met a woman today who had been on the road tenting for 4 years.  She just recently purchased a very small special sleeping trailer with a small kitchen.  She too had the call of the road and trusted to leap, letting Spirit lead her on her way.

What is Spirit calling you to do? What gifts can you share? Sometimes all that is asked is a smile or kind word. Take a chance!  You might leap out of job or town like I did, or take a small step of change or chance in your relationship, your thoughts, your feelings. Whatever  you do, big or small, it is all a step in the right direction to expand your life and the world. 

Thank you beautiful people for making this world a better place!




I saw this last night and it was great! It was funny, insightful and a rallying call for the citizens of America to wake up and take back their government, and stand up for true democracy. I believe that there is a transformation taking place in the world, that we are in the process of ascending and creating a new planet of peace, harmony, and true democracy for all…a place where everyone is cared for, has food to eat, a safe place to live, meaningful work to do. I believe it is happening within and around us. I feel that it is not only about changing laws though, I feel it is about inner change, realizing our true divinity, our ability as co-creators to create a world based on love, rather than fear, greed and corruption. As we raise our vibrations, realize that we are all one, we come together to create a world that supports ALL of us, in a responsible, healthy and WHOLLY manner.

Katelon T. Jeffereys