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Wheels Go Round and Round……another poem



I colored this using this fun phone app…..COLORFY

Wheels Go Round and Round

The medicine wheel spins round and round
through cycles of health and disease.
The trick is to welcome the whirling motion
and be at peace.

The Hindu wheel spins round and round
through cycles of lifetimes’ dreams.
The trick is to accept the whirling motion
and step off when you please.

The mandala of seasons spins round and round
through cycles of young and old.
The trick is to celebrate the whirling motion
and accept the growth of years.

The wheel of our love spins round and round
through cycles of intimacy.
The trick is to bless the whirling motion
and hold to the heart and love that
remains unchanged
in the center of it all.
© Katelon T. Jeffereys


Embrace…..Song Lyrics



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I woke up the other morning with this song I’d written in my mind.  I wrote it in the early 90’s, after we’d declared war on Iraq, the first time, and after just coming home from my hero’s concert, Bruce Cockburn.  One of my clients was the head of the Rape crisis program at the time and had shared with me that the US Department of Health and Human Services had traveled around the country doing research and found that more women and children died every year than had died in total in the Vietnam war.  I was living in No. CA, and the battle between loggers and environmentalists was huge, with the loggers blaming the environmentalists for lack of jobs when really, the lack was due to old growth being cut down so less and less forest to harvest, logs being shipped to Japan for milling, so again less work, plus, all the automation which further reduced jobs. But the timber industry did a great job of blaming green initiatives and environmentalist for all of it, stirring up trouble and deflecting the blame themselves.

Sadly, the words to this song and the conditions still exist.  This is all what I have fought to heal on this planet all my lifetimes.  And I say…it is time for change NOW!!!!

So here’s the song:
Verse 1

We fought a war in Iraq
I say let’s bring our people back
There’s a war going on, on our shore
It’s a war against children and the poor
Come back, come back


We got to get back to the truth and light
Release the war and the fight
Let’s save the love in the human race
Embrace, Embrace
Embrace, Embrace
Verse 2:

Power and greed fans the flame,
Corporate image creates the game
So jobs remain in munitions factories
Technology advances, politicians are pleased
Come back, come back


Verse 3:

The earth cries out her pain and woe
Species are dying, rivers run low
Timber bosses lobby for the old growth
As chain saws, bulldozers, loggers march forth
Come back, come back

Chorus then bridge then chorus

© Katelon T Jeffereys