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Marsha Moyer’s Series Of Books About Lucy Hatch



I’ve been so focused on my spiritual path, world transformation, and ascension for so many years, that it is relaxing for me to read chick lit books. When I was in Scottsdale, AZ, I wandered into a Goodwill store and came upon the second book in Marsha’s series about a character named Lucy Hatch. I fell in love with them, stayed up late reading, immersed in the East Texas environment and lives of these colorful people. I started with book two, so found book one and three at the library and I’m in the process of reading book three now. They read like a good country western song (and this coming from a woman who doesn’t generally listen to Country western music).

I love the passion of Lucy, the blossoming she undergoes as she awakens to her own desires, love of the land, commitment to family. The books explore family and how you form a family from broken homes, mixing children in from past marriages, recover from absent Moms, absent Dads, how you work through the differences that come up in relationship. The books discuss how you reconcile your desire for community, family, and home with bigger desires and aspirations, whether they be musical, like the ones of Ash Farrell, Lucy’s lover, or a simple farmer, like Lucy’s previous husband. How do you make room in your dreams for other people, do you have to choose one over the other?

And since I love music, grew up singing and playing an instrument, I love how especially in book two, the author explores the power of music, how it informs a musician’s life, drives him/her, arises within her/him, and runs from generation to generation.

So if you are looking for a read that hooks you in and takes you on a journey, I recommend Marsha’s books!




I just saw this movie and it is amazing!!! The cinematography, the music, the acting, the plot, the puppet suits for the full sized wild things….all of it! It was one of my son’s favorite books and mine as well. I read and played guitar and sang to him almost every night until he went to college and they are times I will always cherish as I loved being a Mom. But as the movie shows, we all experience anger at our parents, feeling loneliness, separation, rejection, distance and feel it might be better elsewhere. Loving is a tricky thing and it takes much patience, grace, acceptance, understanding, support and the willingness to look inside at your part in making the whole thing work. The movie does a wonderful job at showing all of this…the hope, the fear, the love, the anger that is family and growing up…no matter what age you are.


Katelon T. Jeffereys