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Imagine | Playing For Change


Love these videos! So inspiring, especially this song! So IMAGINE…really see this world the way you desire it to be…peace, abundance, cooperation, joy, healthy air/soil/water, alternative energy sources, honoring each other and the earth, business that honors the earth and the workers, sharing, respect, honor…..



“Central Station”, a movie about love and redemption.


The movie “Central Station” is at times touching, heartbreaking, funny, warm and tragic.  It is  from the late 90″s, but I was recently led to re-watch it and am glad that I did.


It is the story of a woman who has closed her heart, is just surviving by collecting money from the poor and illiterate customers she has, by writing letters for them and then not sending them. Whether she sends the letters or not, she is there as a witness to their joys and sorrows, and yet has lost her sense of humanity that would lead her to follow through and send these letters on.


One of her customers is a young woman who is sending a letter to the Father of her son, as her son looks on.  She gets killed and the boy seeks the letter writer out, so that he can go find his father. The young boy has also hardened his heart in his grief and destitution.


They journey together to find this father, sometimes as enemies and distrusting each other and it is this physical and emotional journey that is at the heart of this movie, and it’s beauty.


Watching this movie led me to look at past choices I have made, ways I have closed my heart due to circumstances and events that have taken place. At times the woman character seems to lack any reason for us to sympathize with her or expect redemption. And yet, the movie shows that we all have those loving places within us, there is room for redemption in all of us.


At this time on the planet we are being called to open our hearts even more.  I have been a long time activist so it is easy to blame a corporation, a government, a corrupt leader, and act for change.  And I still feel this is valid work, and yet, as a person long schooled in metaphysics and the law of attraction, I understand that this “outer” only reflects me as well, places within me that are carrying limiting beliefs, thus needing to act out in certain ways. I truly believe that as I change myself, it also changes what takes place in the world.


So I am led to look at what places within me have I been unwilling to have sympathy for, and see as unworthy of redemption? What happened in those events and circumstances past to close my heart in places?  And what will it take to love those places open and allow redemption to flow in? What will it take to soften these hard places of fear, distrust, pain and sorrow?


I feel so much loving energy filling the planet now as we are given these resources to love ourselves free, love the world free, even allowing this energy and love to flow into our darkest places…. internally and externally.  Can we love the dark within us? Can we see those parts of us as just the scared, misinformed parts they became and bring them to us to love and comfort as we would a small child?


I feel that this is our deepest work now, to allow our hearts to be opened, embraced, accepted and loved, and then allowing that love to flow out to the world, to the things and people we agree with and to the things and people we do not.


Are you ready?  Are you willing?  If so, say, “YES” and feel and notice the love flowing in and setting you free!!!!


Your contribution to yourself and the world is greatly appreciated and I witness your gift now!!!


And while you are at it, check out the movie! The main actress received an Oscar nomination for best actress and the young boy actor is amazing!




Katelon T. Jeffereys

Seattle Life Coach

Link to April 3, 2011 New Moon Meditation!

Here is the link to the meditation we did today for the April 3rd New Moon intention circle and meditation. Before you do the meditation, write out an intention and keep it in mind during the meditation.

It is best to write out an intention so that it is stated in the now, stated positively, IE: rather than…I am not sick….instead…I am now healthy and strong, and keep it concise and brief so that you can easily remember it.

It is best to add emotion to the intention, and a visual, so imagine you have what it is you are intending…see it, feel it, all the details. Just take 5-10 min. a day and state your intention and see it happening, hear what others will say once you have achieved it, etc. Make it real for yourself.

The link below will lead you to Oronjo. com. Click on the “next” button and that will lead you to the second page with another “next” button, then you get to the page where you can download the meditation. Feel free to share it with others!

Katelon T. Jeffereys

Seattle Life Coach