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My Passion!



Photo by Katelon Jeffereys

I chose this photo as it is a Passion Flower.  I wanted to share about what I am passionate about.

I’m passionate about helping bring about a new world of light, love, cooperation, clean air/water/earth and airwaves. I’m passionate about having a light based financial system, debt forgiveness around the world, light based governments in TRUE service to this planet and humanity.  I’m passionate about us finally joining forces with light based ET’s and becoming great galactic citizens.  I’m passionate about every man, woman, child and creature on this planet being valued, cared for, nurtured, healthy, whole, safe and able to express all of their divine nature, gifts and talents.

As I’ve mentioned, things weren’t great for me growing up…maybe financially, but emotionally, health wise, mentally, etc. it was quite challenging.  And yet, that is what led me to my true work as a professional holistic and spiritual healer, knowing that I’m just the midwife, as healing happens THROUGH me and through the person whom I am working with, with Spirit guiding the way. It’s what led me to lead Spiritual ceremony, teach creative music and movement to children, lead public workshops as well as taking workshops to youth, government agencies, non-profits, businesses,  and corporations.

I was able to move myself from years of deep depression and suicidal thoughts to strength, inner calmness, and the courage to take on my now 149 week journey of living on faith and trust. And all the 16+ therapies I learned were ones that worked for me, so I learned them to share with others.

I know this is a challenging time as we transition from the darkness that has held this planet for so long, into a light based world.  There is much we are releasing as at the same time, we are being blasted with so much light and love to move us forward.

I am passionate about helping all of you in any way I can.  Doing my work is so much fun and brings me so much joy. I love digging into my vast tool bag and being guided in what would work best with each of you, to help you make this transition with more ease and grace.

Please check out my website and check out what is offered there.

For those who are ready to play, I am offering a 20% off special for Sept. for those who follow my blog. Just let me know when you contact me.  There is so much I can offer via skype and by phone.

For those who choose the free stuff, there are pages of stress release/energy medicine techniques with instructions.

Let me know if I can help in any way.

Enjoy these times! We are so graced to live at this time on the planet and to be a part of this amazing transformation.  This morning, while standing in the shower, I could feel my entire body pulsing with energy, each cell vibrating with light as if the physical parameters of my body don’t exist anymore.  It is happening now friends, please allow and embrace it.

Much love to you all, katelon


A Change of Pace….Some Aromatherapy Recipes for Relaxation!


Fields of yellow

I don’t know about you but between this heavy work I am doing and all the energy coming into the planet, I am feeling pretty worn out these days. Then, on top of that, there is the frantic holiday season energy that kicks up the atmosphere about 80 degrees and things can get pretty dicey.

So I decided to take a break today from talking about ousting the dark and give you a couple recipes to make your own aromatherapy bath salts and scrubs, for relaxation for you and/or for DIY gifts to give as presents.

These are both easy to make. Sorry I don’t have pictures, but they are very easy to follow recipes. One year I made up gifts bags for friends with a jar of homemade bath salts, salt scrub, small bottles of an aromatherapy oil mixture and a spray bottle of aromatherapy oil mixtures in water and a little bit of vodka to preserve it. In Seattle, WA, there is a great store, called Zenith Supplies, and they carry a good supply of massage lotions and oils, candle making supplies, aromatherapy oils and various containers to put your creations into for gifting or home use. You can order from them online, too.

I also made them one year in a preschool/after-school program where I was working. We used it as a fundraiser. We took used baby food jars, cut up pieces of calico fabric and put it over the lids, and tied that on with ribbon. I printed out labels that we attached via the ribbon.

To make these, you can use any size container with a lid, as you will want to allow the salt and borax, if you are using that, and the oils, to marinate for several days, stirring it occasionally to make sure that the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and the oils spread throughout.


Ingredients: Ginger, lemongrass, geranium oils; sea salt, Epsom salts, borax.
Directions: Add 1/2 cup after bath water is drawn, may add extra Epsom salts.
Uses: Uplifting and relaxing. For aches, pains, poor circulation, coughs, indigestion, colds, flu, infection, mental fatigue, nervous exhaustion, stress, depression.

For this recipe for bath salts, I used both epsom salt and sea salt, along with the borax, but you could just use all of just one salt if you choose. If you use 1 cup each of epsom salt, sea salt and borax, use around 20-30 drops combined of the essential oils. You can divide the oils evenly or use more according to your preference. If you prefer a stronger smelling bath salt, just add extra oil. Wait a day or so though to make this determination, as the oils will permeate the dry ingredients. When I make this for gifts, I make it in big quantities, doubling and tripling the amounts used.

Warming Salt Scrub:

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Safflower oil, Vitamin E oil; Tangerine, Clove, Cinnamon oils.
Directions: Test on small area first for allergies. Wash face or body first, then apply small amount of product, scrub, then rinse.
Uses: Exfoliates, nourishes and moisturizes. Aromatherapy oils for relaxation, depression, infections, digestion, circulation.

For this recipe, for each cup of sea salt, use 1/4 cup of safflower oil and 1/4 cup of Vitamin E oil. You could also use Almond oil instead of the Safflower oil. If using 1 cup of sea salt start with about 15 drops of the combined essential oils. I would recommend using more of the Tangerine and less of the clove and cinnamon as they are very strong oils. So perhaps 11 drops of Tangerine oil and 2 drops each of cinnamon and 2 drops of clove. Again, let this marinate in your closed container and stir occasionally, adding more essential oils if desired, and even adding more salt and/or other oils to obtain the desired scent and texture. Salt scrubs can be used in the bath or shower, using your hand or a wash cloth, to invigorate and exfoliate the skin.

Another thing you can do, is simply keep a container of sea salt in the shower and scrub with it each day. It not only helps stimulate and exfoliate the skin, it helps to scrub off negative energy you may have accumulated, from others or your own challenges.

Hope you have found these helpful. As you can tell, I’m not an exacting person when it comes to recipes as i like to experiment. 🙂

Slowmo on San Diego Boardwalk…another way of living!


I just watched this delightful video about a very successful doctor who left his life of dissatisfaction and materialism and chose a life of enjoyment and aligning with the spiritual!

It’s time more people left the rat race and chose a life of what brings them joy!

We’ve been brainwashed so long, in our society, to believe in financial enslavement, then we spend the earnings on diseases, divorces, wars, and distractions, to attempt to alleviate the pain of this enslavement.

Crazy huh?

Time to wake up!!!

What brings you joy?

What are you passionate about?

What puts you in the “zone”?

What aligns you with the divine?

Go for it NOW!!!

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

And…go out and enJOY your weekend!

Take A Moment To Use This Simple Stress Release/Re-framing Tool!


I have been a holistic therapist/teacher/coach for over 34 years. My work can be very esoteric but I also focus on work that is practical and gets results. For several years I took workshops into companies and government agencies as well as teaching them publicly. I liked to teach simple tools that can be used in the moment to shift things so a person could get back to trust, peace, and clarity.

I received an email from a friend today whose daughter had been at the Boston Marathon but left an hour before the bombs exploded. I can understand his concern and fear when he first heard of the tragedy and didn’t know if his daughter was safe or not. But since he found out about her safety, he has been watching the news non-stop, has developed sores all over his body, hasn’t slept well, has been unable to work, letting the stress and fear overwhelm him and he has bought into the media hype.

Things happen in our lives, to us, and others. And yes, it is important to have compassion, and normal for us to have reactions to things. But when we let it continue to override our peace, we just end up making ourselves sick, and drawing more and more negativity to ourselves. We are left unable to contribute in any way or make clear decisions.

I’d like to share with you a tool that is on my website. What I love about this tool is that you can use it in the more detailed way to shift something that you are reacting to in the moment, or use it for something that happened in the past. When we react to something now or in the past, we attach an emotional charge to that event, make decisions about ourselves and life based on those emotions and will continue to script and live our lives from that emotional place, until we are able to be present and shift ourselves to make a new choice. So you can also use this tool in the moment, just simply using the hand holds as described and not going through the steps.

I hope you find it useful. Remember, you do have a choice, you are in charge. Choose peace!!!!



 With so many conflicting messages coming to us these days from the news, governments, and people channeling various entities, etc. it can be challenging to know what is true or not.  I do believe we are in the midst of tremendous transformation on the planet, an event I’ve been working toward for many, many lifetimes.  During these times though it is important to stay balanced, grounded and centered.  I believe that many lies are going to be exposed as the truth is revealed about the history of our planet and how we have been held down, lied to, and harmed throughout the ages.  I have no ill feelings toward this oppression as I now choose to only remain in love and light.  I prefer to focus on my connection with God, Spirit, whatever you choose to call it and my own divinity and power as a co-creator.  Therefore, I feel it is my job to stand firm in love and be able to offer that to others as their foundation may be shaken to its core.  So today, I’d like to offer a guided visualization for you to use to do the same.


I invite you to begin by breathing deeply, while remembering a fond memory, someone or something that you love, a positive experience, or a favorite smell.  As you breathe in, breathe in those positive feelings and breathe out anything that feels negative or limiting.  Continue to breathe this way for a few minutes.


 Now I’d like you to imagine or feel a powerful blue column of light beaming down from beyond our sun, from the center of our galaxy…and even beyond. This blue light places you in a protection of truth, cutting you free from any lies or mis-perceptions.  Continue to breathe in positive feelings and breathe out any limitations, pain, worry, stress or tension. 


Now I invite you to imagine or feel roots coming out of your feet and tailbone, big massive roots that spread out in all directions and then travel down, just as a tree’s roots do, through the soil and its nutrients.  Imagine/feel these roots continuing to travel down past the crystals and gemstones, healing stones, and all layers of earth until they plug in at the center of the earth.  You can release through these roots any limiting beliefs, thoughts, stress or pain.  Continue to breathe in positive feelings and release on the out breath, through the roots, anything you need to let go of.  Feel this support you have with these strong roots and from the earth.


Now, imagine drinking up through these roots the wisdom within the crystals, the healing attributes from the healing stones, the nutrients from the soil, the wealth of veins of gold and silver and the gemstones, filling you with strength, and the knowledge that you are truly supported.  Bring this up into every organ, every gland, every system, every cell, from the bottom of your feet, to the tips of your fingers and the top of your head; from the deepest core of your DNA; throughout your brain and all levels and layers of consciousness.  Feel that strength, feel your power, as you receive and are surrounded by this brilliant blue light from above and the nourishment and richness of the earth below.  Standing in this center of your being, you are as strong as the mightiest redwood tree, and as bright as the sun.  In this place you are able to stand in your truth of love, divinity and peace.

 While in this space you might decide to project out love and light to others, visualize the kind of life and body you’d like for yourself, and/or  the kind of world you’d like for humanity. Or you may choose to just continue to breathe in and out and enjoy this sense of peace and empowerment.  This is available to you at anytime.


You are welcome to access other audio meditations of mine on my website on the front page and on the page “more resources”.  Even though these meditations were created for certain past dates, you can still access that energy for healing, relaxation and manifesting your dreams.  You simply click on the links, and you are able to receive these meditations for free.  If I can help you in any other way, please let me know.


Blessings, Katelon





          In the mid-80’s I was working with a book by Arnold Patent called You Can Have It All.  At one point I was using a technique that was supposed to clear blocks to prosperit, allowing you to manifest the money to pay back someone you owed money to.  Since I owed my Mom money, I started attempting to visualize looking her straight in the face and telling her I loved her.  Over and over, as I’d begin the visualization, a pie would come from the corner of my vision and hit her in the face.  No matter how much I tried to complete this visualization with love and forgiveness, I just couldn’t seem to complete it without the pie intrusion.  One day after another frustrating attempt, two friends of mine arrived for dinner just after going to a New Age talk.  I told them the story of my attempts and they laughed.  The speaker had just talked about our attempts to “be saints before our time”, i.e. trying to move to the positive without clearing the blocks and negative emotions that were keeping our good at bay.


          I have seen this focus on the positive and disregard for the negative in books and the movie “The Secret”.  I worked for years using the law of attraction without the positive results I was seeking.  Now I see that the missing part is for us to dive into the deep emotions and blocks, love them, and allow them to move through us so that our energy naturally lifts and we are then able to attract to us the good we are seeking.  No wonder so many people try to use the law of attraction and then decide it is just another New Age fraud, when they aren’t able to obtain the results they are seeking.


          Recently I discovered Lola Jones and her book Things Are Going Great in My Absence.    She addresses both the law of attraction and how to dive into your emotions and allow them to move, clearing the blocks to success and truly claiming your divinity.  She describes various techniques to use in this process.  I have been having great success with these techniques as well as using others that I find helpful.


          Scientists have repeatedly proven that we store memories in our cells.  These memories and the negative charge we have on these memories create the subconscious blocks that hinder our forward progress and manifestations.  In one of the therapies I do called “One Brain”, applied kinesiology is used to access the subconscious, find the systems that the negative charge is stored in and then, using gentle “corrections”, clear the charge and allow the body to restore itself to a positive state.  One of my favorite “corrections” used in One Brain is called Frontal Occipital Hold. It is one technique that I always teach in my corporate workshops as it can be used quickly and easily right in the moment, after a difficult phone call or situation, allowing you to regain your focus and positive energy. The more you can allow yourself to get into all the feelings, the more you will be able to allow these feelings to move and dissipate. I invite you to practice using this technique and see what positives you then make room for in your life!!


Frontal Occipital Hold:  This is a way to release the emotional charge built up around a stressful situation.  It is a way to welcome your vital forces to take you out of the place of victim and bring you to a place of empowerment.  Also, in reframing the situation, you give your mind new solutions and reactions to call upon to use in the future.  Cover your frontal eminences by placing the palm of your hand across your forehead, just above your eyebrows  and place all fingertips of the other hand over your occiput (base of skull).  The frontal eminences are stomach acupressure points, the stomach being where we often hold emotional tension. These front points also correspond to the front part of our brain, the part that allows us to be in choice, create new actions and options. The occipital points correlate to the primary visual centers of the brain, and the back part of our brain, the reptilian brain that holds old deeply entrenched behaviors and reactions.  You can use all three steps below or simply just use the first step. You can use this technique for a situation that just happened or something from the past that you desire to defuse.


a.     First, visualize the situation as it happened from beginning to end, noting all

       the details.  Imagine you are watching it from outside, as though it were

       seen through a window or on a video.  Take a deep breath and let it go.


  b.   Play the situation back again, noting all the details.  But this time let all

 of your senses come into play.  Remember sounds, sights, smells

    temperature of the air, feelings in your body…Allow your body to “be”

   in the situation as completely as possible.  Now run it backwards, as

  quickly as possible, several times.  Take a deep breath and let it go.


c.    Play the situation back again once more.  This time, however, imagine the

     situation changed in any way you wish.  You may simply change your

    response to the situation or you can completely change the details and

    outcome.  The mind doesn’t differentiate between what “really” happened

    and your new “made up” version, it just accepts it because it is all just

    perception anyway.  You can even add polka dots, stripes, or any other

   creative additions to change the “movie”.  When we hold the acupressure

   points we are using for this exercise, the blood flow within the brain moves

   away from the reactive paths that already existed, toward the brain center

   that is capable of creating new choices.  This technique can defuse past

   situations and make new behavior patterns possible in similar stressful

   situations now.   











 Recently I was talking to someone about a question that I often used as an icebreaker in my workshops.  The question was “What is your favorite smell?” I explained that smell is the strongest memory and by remembering a favorite smell, you are transported back to that time, and since it is a pleasant memory, it brings forth the appropriate relaxing positive chemical responses in your brain and body. Thus, remembering a favorite smell becomes a great quick stress release technique, too. I explained that I loved the question as it was not just a great quick stress release tool but it also pointed out how different people had such varying responses to the question and someone’s favorite smell may sound odd or even distasteful to someone else. This encouraged more understanding of others, and pointed out the different perceptions we hold. … And then, my random mind led me to think about Gary Chapman’s five languages of love.

 Gary’s Five Languages of Love are:

        Words of affirmation

          Quality time

          Receiving gifts

          Acts of service

          Physical touch

                          Gary suggests that we usually have one language of love, perhaps two, which are most important to us. So thinking about how different favorite smells are to others, I thought of my strongest language of love, which is quality time and second is words of affirmation and how that was different for my Mom.  Her language of love was gifts and they were very important to her. If you didn’t like the gift she gave you, she got angry. And for me, if someone doesn’t like what I give them, it is fine with me, they are welcome to let me know and exchange it for something that they like better, as I’d rather they be happy with something else, if that is their choice. But in my Mom’s childhood experience, gifts were how she knew her family loved her, even though she experienced much abuse from her Father. For her, the abuse was overridden by gifts.   She wasn’t very forthcoming with words of appreciation, so throughout our relationship, I was waiting for words of appreciation, feeling unloved at times, and she was there giving me gifts that had less importance to me, and sometimes I didn’t even like them.  Then when I didn’t like them, she got angry, so I felt even less loved, as the gift felt to be more about her need than her giving me something that I would value or feel loved by.  And of course, the reverse was if I didn’t like the gift, which was her language of love, then she felt unloved. What a mess!!!!


One time I was complaining to a massage therapist of mine that the man I was dating was inattentive. She asked me “What does attentive look like to you?”  She explained that I might be waiting for chocolates and flowers and he might be out there changing the oil in my car, feeling like he was truly expressing his love for me, leaving us both feeling misunderstood and unloved.


  So I invite you to look at this question of what language of love feels most important to you as a way for others to show their love to you.  And at the same time, I invite you to take note of the people in your life you care about and see what their favored language of love is and see if you are responding in a way that is important to them and clearly demonstrates to them your love for them.


During this time of transition on the planet and within us, I feel that love truly is the most important support we can garner.   Love for ourselves, love for others, love for the process.  So I feel that the more astute we can be about how we look for love within ourselves, in our relationships, seeing how we can better support ourselves and others and how others can better support us, the easier this transformation will be.  Nurturing is so important right now.  The energy coming into the planet is so intense, and the process we are in has been so long coming, many of us are feeling quite weary and our patience and stamina might be stretched to it’s limits.  So the more softness and support we can allow within us and around us, and for others, the sweeter our journey.


So what is your language of love?  You can go to this website and take a quick assessment:  Leave a comment below and let me know! 


To support you on your journey, there are several links to guided meditations of mine, on the front page of my website and on the page “More Resources”, and several pages of stress release tools as well. 


Blessings on your journey,


Katelon T. Jeffereys


Seattle Life Coach

Check out my latest stress release tool on my website!



I just added a new stress release tool on my website. It is called “Cross crawl”.  It is great for strengthening the cooperation and balance between the two brain hemispheres, improves physical/mental coordination, keeps the mind alert, the body balanced and helps to relieve physical stress and fatigue.

Find it at my website  Go to the navigation bar and click on the link for Stress release tool four!

Let me know how it goes for you!

Katelon T. Jeffereys

Seattle Life Coach


Check out my new webpages!!!!


I just created a couple new pages on my website. One is a new page on the phone and long distance healing work I offer and the other is another stress release tool, called a “figure eight”.  This page is called “Stress Release Tool Two”.  I will add others soon.

I also added a new video, that my friend, Shay, made, in response to the great results he got from the distance healing work I did for him last weekend. He loved it and asked if he could make a you tube video for me.  I put the video on the front page.

Hope you enjoy them.  Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help you in any way!!!

Thanks for reading!

Katelon T. Jeffereys

Seattle LIfe Coach

Opening Doors!



     With all the changes taking place on the planet and in each country, the media and many religious institutions are screaming out fear, gloom and doom. Darwin taught us that evolution happens through survival of the fittest, competition…. which leads to a belief in lack and limitation. It also leads to greed, with people, companies and countries attempting to have power over others.  But is this the truth?

     When I was doing my first research for the stress release and wellness workshops I lead for companies and the public, I ran across the information that Louis Pasteur admitted on his death bed that another prominent scientist had the correct idea…that our body isn’t attacked from outside by germs, rather, our cells are changed within by what we eat, our thoughts, our emotions…the environment we create inside ourselves.

      I was listening to an interview with Bruce Lipton the other day, author of “Spontaneous Evolution” and a biologist, and he discovered many years ago that the environment that DNA cells were in, dictated what they became.  Along with that, he talked about the fact that simply by speaking to the DNA cells created a change in them.  He said that Darwin wasn’t correct, that evolution happens through cooperation, not competition, and yet in schools and society we have been fed this misinformation that has created this environment of fear, struggle, etc. inside ourselves and in our world. Russian research as confirmed this as well, and they speak of the fact that we are in charge of our evolution and that we can actively evolve ourselves by changing our thoughts, basically coming into cooperation with what it is we desire.

     Candace Pert, the author of “Molecules of Emotion” and a scientific researcher, has also come to the conclusion that our thoughts and emotions change our molecules and thus affect our health.  Even in the movie “Avatar” it talked of how we are all connected with each other, and the earth, that environment is important…inner and outer. And I don’t believe the movie was just “science fiction”. Wayne Dyer repeated a quote in a recent interview that stated, “When you change the way you look at things, things change.”  Quantum science has proven this to be so.

      David Spangler, an author and teacher of spirituality, says that it is time for us to collaborate with all components on earth and beyond the seen and unseen to sustain and enhance the ecology of the planet.  In a recent interview that I just listened to, he also spoke of how different wines are best savored in different glasses, as the container in which the wine is poured into affects the flavor, expression and really, the life of the wine.  He used this as an explanation of how we, too, need to be a part of what he calls “incarnational evolution”…. to best evolve ourselves, evolve our “containers”, so that we can more fully express ALL of us, and assist in the evolution of this planet and even Spirit itself. Seconding that is a quote by Richard Tarnas, the author of “Cosmos and Psyche: Intimations of a New World View”: “What seems to be unfolding is not only recovery of the soul of the world, the anima mundi, but a new relationship with it.”

     We are at a crossroads globally and I feel this personally.  As I watch things falling apart around the world, all the earth changes and government battles, I see things falling apart in my life as I’m being forced to let go of old behaviors, beliefs, relationships, and situations that in truth, haven’t been supporting my good, my true Spirit, my wholeness…but keeping me small instead.  At times I meet this with grace, humor and open arms, at other times I am filled with terror, anger, and feel powerless.  I am focusing on creating open doors in my mind, my heart, my life, so that I can fly forward and live the kind of life I desire.

      I searched online to find pictures of open doors and found the one I included in this post.  I showed it to a friend and for her, it felt scary, like she might fall. But for me, when I look at it, I see myself flying!  I was graced with the opportunity to do a tandem hang-glide off a mountain in Edwards, Col. before coming to Seattle in 1998.  We were lucky to catch this sweet updraft and I experienced flying. The entire experience was so supportive, beautiful and encouraged me to trust this next leap I was going to make. If I had known then what I’d face in Seattle, I probably wouldn’t have come here, but on a deeper level I also trust that I needed to die in this fire here to be reborn to fulfill my destiny.  That flight off the mountain and how I was gently lifted and carried softly to my landing has been the lifeline I’ve used many times to remind myself that it is going to be ok!

     As I’ve walked this path of transformation I have continued to receive assistance from the many new and older mind/body/spiritual therapies out there, sometimes going to others for help and often working with myself, too. This path has led me to learn and use several techniques including hypnotherapy, NLP, breathwork, applied kinesiology, One Command, EFT, Emotion code work, regression work, Spiritual response therapy, Spiritual Restructuring, meditation, visualization, energy medicine techniques, Reiki and other energy therapies along with the spiritual healing work I have instinctively done since childhood.  I have seen it’s positive affects and powerful transformations with my clients and with me and am grateful for these tools to use to assist me in moving through these changes; cooperating with Spirit and with the earth changes, cooperating with my body, heart, and mind as well.

     How about you? Are you, too, feeling overwhelmed at times?  Are you looking for ways to travel this journey with grace and more gentleness?  I invite you to check out these authors listed and check out my website I offer in person sessions and have had powerful results also from doing phone sessions for people and long distance healing work, too. I also am available to teach classes, workshops, lectures and coaching.  You can find testimonials and more information on my website and also some tools to use.  I am able to combine therapies in a unique way to fit the person, the situation and the desired outcome. I have taught corporate workshops on various topics, too. Let me know if I can help you in any way.

      I’m scared at times but mostly I’m excited about changing me, evolving me and joining hands with others and the earth to assist in the grand transformation that I believe we are in the midst of.  Let’s be BIG, let’s be WHOLE and HOLY, and let’s follow our dreams and create and fly through open doors!

Katelon T. Jeffereys

Seattle Life Coach