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11 Years on WordPress!


Photo by Katelon T Jeffereys……alley found peach raspberries

I started this blog to “come out of the closet” as a spiritual/metaphysical person. I had spent so much of my life being judged, diagnosed, rejected, and much more for my metaphysical and spiritual experiences and knowledge growing up. I had learned to hide it all and attempt to fit in as “normal”.  So I wanted to make a stand in my life publicly and just put all of me out here. 

I started another blog, to be the site for my reviews of various resorts, wellness centers and retreat centers that I’ve visited during my almost 8 years on the road.  One of the resorts wanted the link to my blog so they could share my review in their online newsletter. I decided it was best to keep my spiritual/metaphysical blog and the more “professional” reviews separate. So I hurriedly took all my walks, hikes, photography and reviews off this blog and put it on my “Walk With Me” blog.  I haven’t posted there in awhile as I’m out of room in my media allowance and waiting until after the shift to have the funds to pay for a WP plan.  Right now, I’m living on faith and donations.

I started out including on this blog, articles I had written for local spiritual and new age newspapers, and online sites as well.  This blog was also a place to somewhat market my 40 year career as a spiritual/emotional/physical holistic therapist, trainer and coach.  I used to occasionally post book reviews, music and movie reviews, recipes and other random posts amidst my spiritual posts. 

For quite awhile though my focus has been more on the almost six year daily work I’ve been doing, sometimes alone and sometimes with my work partner/John, to shut down the dark’s weapons/governments and power and control on this planet and help usher in the new and original timeline for this planet. This timeline is governed by Source law, truth, greater good and is based on light, love, Oneness and abundance for ALL.

I declare that it is time for this to be harvested!   May it be so NOW!

Thanks for joining me on this long journey. I appreciate your comments, likes, shares, follows and support!

Love, katelon

Clearing The Way For The New Timeline!


This entire project my spiritual work partner, John, and I have been working on has taken way longer than I had hoped it would. But then, the dark in charge of this present dark timeline has been in control for thousands of years.  We have had to clear away weapon after failsafe after loop after one interference after another and withstood many many energetic attacks as they set up quite the web to protect their power, greed and extremely malevolent agendas. We have had to weed out the propaganda and lies.  (Spoiler alert:  Donald Trump is NOT going to be the one to save this world).

We’ve had to question, listen, weave our way through the dense forest of their dark machinery.

But we are making progress and are COMPLETELY dedicated to getting this done to free the planet, free all life upon it, and show the way for all creation to be freed as well.

Soon, all the weaponry, mind control, propaganda, lies, lack, wars, violence, racism and inequality, greed, dark governments and other dark aspects of living and doing business on this planet will be just a pile of debris, ready to be easily swept away for all time.

It is time for Source love and light to flow into and around us with ease; for abundance to flow to all; for healing and rejuvenation to be available for all who choose it; for the greater good, love, light and truth to be the foundation and conduit for all relationships and aspects of life on this planet.

And as the darkness is parted away, the sun will rise upon a new day, a new timeline, Oneness with all, united to heal the planet and all life as we are ushered into who we were originally designed to be, living on this divinely designed path filled with wonder and joy!

Thanks for joining me on this journey!

With much love and appreciation,


All photos taken by my Samsung Galaxy phone.