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Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 329 « Golden Age of Gaia


Aisha North: The Manuscript of Survival – Part 329 « Golden Age of Gaia.

This was very interesting to me to read. Last week we had the Solstice energies affecting our beings as well as the full moon. There were other powerful energies entering us, too, all assisting the continuing transformations our body/being is undergoing. The Solstice energies felt very sweet to me and the full moon energies more intense and powerful.

I have “run” a tremendous amount of energy through my body my entire life. As a child, I couldn’t wear gold watches as I’d stop the watch. I could only wear stainless steel watches. I would regularly shock people when I touched them. Recipients of the energy work I do attest to how strong the energy I channel is as well. I have done much healing on my nervous system to repair the damage of running such intense energy through my body throughout my life and in my healing work I have learned spiritual methods to alleviate any damage to me now.

But lately, I have experienced the physical symptoms of all the shifts taking place in my body due to the transformation we are going through and at times it has felt challenging. By Sunday, old asthma symptoms came on strongly. At first, I assigned these to being in a new environment with allergy triggers that have affected me in the past, stress, getting used to a new town, new place to stay, new host, on and on. At the same time though, I had this thought that I needed to start talking to my body and suggesting that it doesn’t need to respond with these symptoms anymore.

I believe that our body takes on physical ailments from positive intent, as in the past it looked for a way to respond to some outside event, trauma, situation or condition, all the while looking to keep us alive, comfortable and safe. These decisions were made on an unconscious level and were usually made when we were too young to understand or cognitively seek another solution. Then these responses just become ingrained.

In my years of reading Robert Ornstein books about our brain, psychology and other topics; Isaac Asimov’s books about anatomy and books by other authors on these topics, I read that scientists have shown that we respond to a stimuli before we even are conscious that we need to respond. Hence, we would keep ourselves from getting burned or endure some other injury.

So I loved the explanation in this article, that this download of sorts that we are now experiencing is bringing our minds and bodies more choices, more knowledge, more responses available to it. Therefore, we don’t need to keep running our old limited responses, including disease.

I feel excited that I was already led instinctively to start this conversation with my body about making new choices now, all while it still continues its job of keeping me alive and safe. After reading this article, I intend to do much more of this, creating new “loops” of responses so THEY become the new choice.

Let me know if you implement this, too, and how it goes.


Sunny Solstice and Beyond!


Sunrise to the East

I just noticed I haven’t written a post since the 15th, and haven’t even posted someone else’s post since the 23rd. Settling into my present living situation, gearing up for the solstice and full moon and all that is happening within me has consumed my time and energy.

It is so amazing to look back at this almost 34 weeks of being on the road, staying in hotels, B and B’s and other people’s homes; adjusting to the different beds, kitchens, rules, personalities, expectations, etc. has been quite the experience, challenge and learning opportunity. I was adaptable before this journey and even more so now. I have always carved out a sense of home whether it was in a dorm room, traveling in my car, or living/staying somewhere else, but this experience has pushed that limit, too.

I loved the energies of the Solstice. They were intense but felt so sweet. I fell asleep around the actual solstice on the 20th and even during my dreams, I was commenting on how sweet it felt. The next day was the same. I led a ceremony on the phone with my weekly “intention” partner, as we each shared out gratitudes and intentions for our lives and the world. The weekend was busy but again drenched in powerful energies flowing in and lighting me up.

And, as has been the direction of this long journey, I was led to a local chiropractor yesterday who has led me to some other contacts who have been working to create a wellness center, just like me. My journey, inspiration and guidance for that came 34 years ago and I have worked on it and researched it ever since. These synchronistic meetings are coming faster and faster these days as I can look back and see point A connected to point B, leading to point C, etc. all throughout my trip. Even when I question whether I am listening well enough to guidance, my answer always comes with another meeting and opening.

May you be blessed by this light, as you bless the world with your presence and love! May you feel God’s hands along your path and hear the whisper guiding you on.

Much love to you all!

Protecting Whistleblowers: It’s Up to Us « Golden Age of Gaia


Protecting Whistleblowers: It’s Up to Us « Golden Age of Gaia.

I agree with this. These whistle=blowers have given up their lives and freedom to assist this planet in over-throwing the dark forces that have held us hostage. I have great admiration for them.

I have been an activist much of my life but have never taken such a stance. I have stood up for the truth, but never to their level.

I stand with these people and pray for a day when our entire planet and all of humanity is free in all ways.

Here and Now


Great article!

Life on the Leading Edge

Most people experience the “moment” of here and now to be that which they declare as their experience of the present, their reality. However, the true “here and now” is found in the perfect alignment with our non-physical self, where all our creations have already been made. Stepping into this alignment, into the energy flux of well being, where we can feel the creations born from our desires to be real, even if they are not yet manifested in the physical, that is where “here and now” is. Our reality that we call “the present” is  not actually here and now. It can easily be labelled “the past” or the “Over there and Back when”, for it is indeed a different vibrational frequency than the actual “here and now”.

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The End’s Beginning


I loved this concept and story!

The Roofless Church

I wish that it didn’t take something like my dad’s passing to light the fire under my butt to start a blog, but I guess that’s the human way.  This blog was a long time coming and The Roofless Church is way overdue.  Before getting in too deep, I’ll explain the idea behind The Roofless Church.  Basically, The Roofless Church is the house of all God’s Children.  It’s a place within each of us where we are free to admit that God doesn’t make mistakes and therefore each of us is as perfect as we were intended to be.  There’s no judgment here and there’s no guilt.  Here, that which unites us eclipses any thought that we are less than One People.

All my life I have struggled to reconcile the thoughts that we use to reduce ourselves and others to less than Whole.  In my efforts I have witnessed time…

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Nothing to Fear


This is very sweet!

Life on the Leading Edge

All is one, oneness is sweet, unconditional love and there’s nothing to fear. That, I believe, is a state where conflict just has no room, where emotional entanglements just do not hold up. They fall apart before the source energy that permeates my whole existence. Everything is in its rightful place to hold its spot and to play its role in the fabric of creation. To know such “rightness” is pure divine blessing.

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The House of Cards is about to Fall Down


Love this new post by my dear friend!

Freedom4humanity's Blog

The house of cards is about to fall down; oh happy day. What do you expect of house built on lies, deceit and the repression of truth. But don’t morn it, it had a nice long run; much longer than I anticipated. I have been predicting it’s demise now for about two years and been actively campaigning for its demise for much longer. If anyone had told me the house of cards would still be standing a year after the ruling elite’s final deadline for surrender I would have asked ‘What are you smoking?’ …and yet it is.

What are the major lies upon which the house of cards is built? That we are alone in the universe. That we are separate one from another. That scarcity exists and is the natural order of the world in which we live. Those are the major lies and each has a thousand…

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