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Opening Our Perception AND Getting Ready For The Shift!


Good morning friends! I hope you are well and feeling as much peace as possible in the midst of all the conflicts going on around the world.

Once again, FB reminded me of this 2017 post. At one point it mentions the shift already or soon to be happening. Obviously…..5 years later, it hasn’t happened yet, but I do believe we are finally close. I’ve been consciously doing this work 24/7 for over 7 years now, (this lifetime) with it taking all the energy I have on a daily basis.

I’m sharing this post again because the message is an important one, the message of “Believing is Seeing”. There is so much propaganda and misrepresentation going on in the world, in every area of life. So when disclosure happens, and it will, and the truth of all that the dark experiment has done in this world and beyond is exposed, it will be a shocking experience. So we will all have to open our minds, trust, connect to the truth and then shift our perception or at least open it, to see all the good that will be available on the timeline of Oneness and Abundance. When I imagine that moment, what comes for me is relief…..relief that all the burdens and lies and harm placed upon this planet and humanity will be gone, relief that we can all experience that we are one, relief that we can reclaim our true divine nature, relief that we are free to live in light and love and abundance and release lack and struggle and conflict, relief that we can finally become caring stewards of this amazing planet.

May this moment come very, very soon.

Much love to you friends, katelon

Empower and Balance

Photos by Katelon T. Jeffereys

I walk in the neighborhood where I’m staying, daily.  I love connecting with the various plants and flowers.  I am used to seeing these Bird of Paradise flowers.  There are bushes of these in the backyard where I stay, and all over the neighborhood. I grew up seeing these flowers.  This is how they look…perhaps a little bigger or smaller, but yep, this is a common sight.

So imagine my surprise when I saw this double one with a new flower growing out of the same stalk, but in the opposite direction:

This must be a fluke I thought, some kind of anomaly in this particular bush…as of course, everyone knows that Bird of Paradise flowers only come one flower to a stalk.

So I walked on thinking of this strange aberration I had seen, when…wait…there is another one?!

Throughout my walk that day I…

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