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We Create Our Own Reality….or….Do We?


FB is good for at least reminding me of past posts that I value 🙂

This came up in my memories today. I feel even more strongly now about what I shared in this post. And just to clarify – in re-reading the post, I reference a couple I was friends with who were into the Course of Miracles, and meant to write that I seem to have attracted many friends who also were dedicated to that course, even though it has never drawn me to it myself.

When John, (my spiritual work partner), first connected with me, he felt that my financial struggles, health issues, etc. were all due to me not changing my attitudes, beliefs etc. At the point he met me, I had already spent decades trying every emotional, psychological, mental, physical, spiritual, energetic modality and technique that I could find, to heal myself and my life. My long time therapist and friend told me I had worked harder on myself than any client she’d ever had and made more progress. But still issues continued. The more John and I worked together, we found more and more interference, blocks, and attacks by the dark that had been going on since my conception. And the almost daily attacks (sometimes more than one a day), have continued throughout this 7 + years work we’ve been focused on to end the dark’s power and their timeline and weaponry. We’ve learned about illegal parts created by the dark, soul-less beings that imitate a human and carry out dark agendas: parts that the dark attaches to souls without their knowledge. Our understanding of how the dark interferes with and misleads humans has grown exponentially over the years. And this doesn’t even include all the propaganda the dark spreads in many aspects of life.

I can now feel this interference when it happens, in my energy field around me, as if someone has laid a cloak over me, and sometimes it feels like static.

So I still believe that it is important for us to do our inner work, be accountable, make changes as needed, but I also see that once the dark is shut down and our body/being is restored to its full divine capacity and connection and we are living on the light timeline, living the way we were originally designed to live, with all dark interference gone, all lies disclosed, etc then our capacity to create the reality we desire will truly be restored as well.

May the light timeline soon be restored. May we soon be living in peace, Oneness, abundance, truth and serving the greater good.

Thanks for reading!

Much love, katelon

Empower and Balance

movie projector                                                 Image from one of my corporate training manuals. Katelon T. Jeffereys

For much of my adult life I have believed that we create our reality. My son got tired of me stating it every time he would complain about his circumstances. I taught it in my corporate and public workshops. I discussed it in a radio interview. This image above is one I used to talk about how the movie of our life is made up of the beliefs we hold about our self and life and then, these are projected onto the screen of our life, attracting the situations, circumstances and people/players to fulfill our script.

This last year or so though, I’ve been changing my mind about this.  I still believe we have a part in creating our lives, or certainly how we respond to our lives and the relationships and circumstances in it but I believe…

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Further Explanation of Sound Keys


This article and the link to its predecessor came up in FB memories today. I wanted to share it as each person on this planet can also call upon these Sound keys to work for peace on this planet and the success of this project of ours in shutting down the dark who presently control this planet and restoring the Source designed timeline of Oneness, Abundance and Peace.

The present headline grabbing war is only one of over 40 more wars taking place on this planet. And that doesn’t include the regional conflicts of over 100, the millions of refugees and homeless people and the war that the dark inflicts on humanity in so many ways. Putin is dark, yes, but he is not the only dark player on this planet. The US and other dark players carry out their dark agendas and covert agendas as well. So let’s harness these Sound keys, light and love to put an end to ALL wars, ALL dark agendas, ALL dark powers known and visible and ALL dark powers/players and agendas behind the scene. Love is more powerful than the dark. Light is more powerful than the dark. Together we can do this!

Love to all of you. May you be filled and healed and comforted in all ways by Source love and light. May we very soon be all living and thriving on the Light Timeline.

Empower and Balance

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Hello All,

I haven’t posted much lately as the 24/7 work to shut down the Dark Secret Government and their timeline that has controlled this planet, and assisting the Shift into the light, and all those working toward that end, I have had little energy left to devote to my blogs.  Also, for months I was under such intense attack by the dark, and in so much pain and distress, that doing the out of body work I do and sessions with John, along with my daily work at the house I”m staying in, was taking all of my energy.  I’ve been running on empty for quite awhile. I’m grateful for the spiritual energy that keeps me going, my devotion to this work that wakes me up in the morning, and the light team that keeps me alive, safe and able to do the work.

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