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11:11, Powerful Gateway Today!


2017-11-10 17-1.00.02.jpgPhoto by Katelon T. Jeffereys

Today is a powerful day energy wise.  It is a gateway/portal opening called the 11:11.  I took part in the first 11:11 event on Jan. 11, 1992.  The information about it was channeled by a woman named Solara. People around the world received information about this event and the activities that Solara had channeled.  There were dances we did that resembled the opening of a portal, with one group facing out and moving in one direction and another facing in toward the center of the circle going in another direction.  Other parts of the ceremony took place as well. 

I was living in No. CA, in the Arcata area, and teaching a creative movement and music class for children ages 2 1/2 to 8.  I started the 11:11 day with the children, and we explored how many ways we could create gateways with our bodies, alone and together, and how many ways we could move through those gateways.  Then I moved on to the bigger gathering that included adults and children.  We had meditations, dances, chants, I led the group in a song I had channeled. It was such a loving and joyous day.  The main parts of the event were timed to coincide all over the world, so we got a sense of aligning with people worldwide.  I ended the evening with an 11:11 pm meditation with my son and a couple of friends. What a magical time.

You can read about the original event here:

The event throughout the years since as moved to Nov. 11th.  You might have noticed the numbers 11:11 showing up on your clock, your eyes drawn to look at the time at that exact moment.  There is so much support right now for the shift into the light.  Archangels, Ascended Masters, Great Spirit, many light ET races, light energies flowing into and surrounding our planet and all life on and in earth to support us in this shift and ultimately ascension for all who choose it.  Just like my photo above of a giant arm and hand gathering in the light, we are being guided and protected in this great Shift into the light, preparing the planet and all life on it and in it to move onto the timeline of Oneness and Abundance, shutting down the matrix and the dark Secret government, their allies and minions and all the opportunists who profit off their dark ways of wars, terrorist groups, violence, power over others, slavery, separation and greed.

So please enjoy this day, drink up the light,, anchor it in your being and the planet, align with Source and say yes to all the energy here to support us in this shift.

Here is a new transmission from Steve Nobel to assist you today:


Thanks for visiting my blog and reading it.  I always fill it with energetic blessings and healing for you.  If you like it please let me know, leaving a comment, follow and come back for more.

Much love to you, katelon




My Passion!



Photo by Katelon Jeffereys

I chose this photo as it is a Passion Flower.  I wanted to share about what I am passionate about.

I’m passionate about helping bring about a new world of light, love, cooperation, clean air/water/earth and airwaves. I’m passionate about having a light based financial system, debt forgiveness around the world, light based governments in TRUE service to this planet and humanity.  I’m passionate about us finally joining forces with light based ET’s and becoming great galactic citizens.  I’m passionate about every man, woman, child and creature on this planet being valued, cared for, nurtured, healthy, whole, safe and able to express all of their divine nature, gifts and talents.

As I’ve mentioned, things weren’t great for me growing up…maybe financially, but emotionally, health wise, mentally, etc. it was quite challenging.  And yet, that is what led me to my true work as a professional holistic and spiritual healer, knowing that I’m just the midwife, as healing happens THROUGH me and through the person whom I am working with, with Spirit guiding the way. It’s what led me to lead Spiritual ceremony, teach creative music and movement to children, lead public workshops as well as taking workshops to youth, government agencies, non-profits, businesses,  and corporations.

I was able to move myself from years of deep depression and suicidal thoughts to strength, inner calmness, and the courage to take on my now 149 week journey of living on faith and trust. And all the 16+ therapies I learned were ones that worked for me, so I learned them to share with others.

I know this is a challenging time as we transition from the darkness that has held this planet for so long, into a light based world.  There is much we are releasing as at the same time, we are being blasted with so much light and love to move us forward.

I am passionate about helping all of you in any way I can.  Doing my work is so much fun and brings me so much joy. I love digging into my vast tool bag and being guided in what would work best with each of you, to help you make this transition with more ease and grace.

Please check out my website and check out what is offered there.

For those who are ready to play, I am offering a 20% off special for Sept. for those who follow my blog. Just let me know when you contact me.  There is so much I can offer via skype and by phone.

For those who choose the free stuff, there are pages of stress release/energy medicine techniques with instructions.

Let me know if I can help in any way.

Enjoy these times! We are so graced to live at this time on the planet and to be a part of this amazing transformation.  This morning, while standing in the shower, I could feel my entire body pulsing with energy, each cell vibrating with light as if the physical parameters of my body don’t exist anymore.  It is happening now friends, please allow and embrace it.

Much love to you all, katelon

It Truly IS Time For Victory To The Light…and YOU can help!


Neither John or I have written much lately about the work we are doing.  The announcement of the surrender came so close but then there were errant people of power that needed work, and some still straddling the fence between light and dark, plus the Nouveau dark power leaders that refuse to surrender even though the stand down order has been given.   So it has been one tedious 24/7 day after another coming with more interventions, authorizing the light ET’s and the members of the light to intervene more and more as we work to finish this battle between the light and the dark, at least enough to open the way for the surrender team to make the announcement that will fully shut down the dark. The Nouveau dark know it is a losing proposition, they know the surrender is coming quickly and they are pulling out all stops.  They are attacking other lightworkers and John and I more as well.  I passed full exhaustion months ago, so each day surprise myself by staying positive and active in spite of any new symptoms of the dark’s attacks. I know the light is protecting me and protecting all light workers so we can do our jobs.

The battle IS being won though. So I wanted to harness your energy and support to see this project through.  Since it is spring and where I’m staying presently offers many demonstrations of that in my daily walks, I’m going to share some lovelys and walk you through an experience to harness light and love and claim it for yourself and the world, along with FULL Victory to the light.

Look at this Iris.  It blooms for only a day, and yet it bursts forth with all its got, in all its beauty. It may only have a day, but it shows up boldy, even though it is soft, fragile, delicate….like the light. But don’t let that fool you, as it managed to withstand the drought conditions of Southern California, and still burst forth to share its beauty with the world.


Take another look from another angle and see how deliberate it is in its structure.  Each part knowing its place, just like the light forces.  Each member of the light forces, each of us, knows in our deepest heart what part we are to play in finally bringing this surrender announcement over the finish line:


And now, face it full on, take in it’s full beauty, design, structure…its victory in blooming for this one glorious day!  This shift, this victory to the light has been long planned.  Everyone has trained long and hard for it over many lifetimes. Together we are creating a new timeline, a timeline of Oneness, that is just as beautiful and more so, that this Iris, just as ornately designed.  The seed was planted long ago, waiting dormant in the soil of humanity, and now it is time to sprout and bloom:


Now let’s add in more senses.

Here is some Jasmine, which is in full bloom around the neighborhood here. Can you smell the scent?  The light that is available to us now is that tangible. Scent is one of the strongest memories, so you can’t forget what it was like to be One with Source, to live in Unity with all others. That experience is in your DNA and no matter what the dark has tried to do to manipulate our DNA, we are ultimately created by Source and the memory is there…so just as you can smell the Jasmine, remember smelling Jasmine at some point…in a soap, a perfume, your childhood home perhaps, a favorite park or arboretum, ….so take in that smell and remember your origin, remember your power as you unite with all others, with Source:


And now…as you view this lavender, you might notice the slight breeze that is blowing the flowers back and forth, gently, barely perceptible, yet…you can feel it, can’t you?  Surrender to that breeze, trust the movement that is taking place on these lavender flowers and on us, as Source, Ascended masters, archangels, stir our souls to action, supporting us, prodding us, awakening us to take a stronger stance as we stand for the light now, fully, completely.  And allow the healing properties of the lavender aroma to relax you, keep you alert, yet at peace, as together, we take this last and final stand:

wpid-2015-04-29-13.56.10.jpg.jpegI welcome and appreciate your presence and participation in this last activity to bring the dark to their full surrender, standing ready to transform it with love, compassion and light, allowing the dark to transition, along with us, so together, we may forge a new world of cooperation, forgiveness, creativity, as we embrace our divine selves ….in the light…in love…in UNITY!


much love, katelon

Letting Go, Releasing…isn’t always easy!


Angel wings, green river

This is a picture taken of the Green River, in Flaming Geyser park, near Black Diamond, WA. I love the angel wings made by the rocks. It is a good image to remember when you are in the process of letting go of a relationship, habit, belief, situation that you need to let go of and are struggling to let go.

Whether it is because I am a Leo astrologically, and loyal because of that; or part of my occasionally dysfunctional people pleasing ways; or just because I’m human, and we humans seem to cling to the past and to people and things we need to let go of, instead of trusting and moving forward to something better, I often will hold on to old relationships when they are toxic, and have long passed their expiration dates. It is especially hard for me when it is someone I am very close to, had some wonderful times with and still love. But as I progress further on my spiritual path, I’m learning that the more I honor myself, the more I learn to love and respect myself, there is no room in my world anymore for people that don’t treat me well, or don’t want me in their lives.

Often I had friends who consistently treated me badly, and I’d make excuses for them, attempt to stick up for myself…sometimes poorly and unskillfully, sometimes with grace, and still keep them in my life, accepting their excuses and the few good things they threw my way at times. I see now how this set me up to attract other similar relationships.

I’ve also seen how my tendency to assume full responsibility for everything in my life, led me to accept responsibility for what wasn’t even mine. As a child, I often got punished for things I was accused of in the neighborhood, things I hadn’t done and my Father would believe others over me. So I grew up believing that no matter what I did, it wasn’t good enough, nor was there any way to protect myself, as my parents surely weren’t standing up for me. This led to quite low self esteem. So others could treat me badly and I’d just go back for more, blaming myself for their behavior.

I’ve worked for years to heal this and regain my self esteem. This almost 10 month journey of mine has been providing the finishing touches on this. Staying with so many different people over the months, setting up agreements before moving in and occasionally having the hosts drop those agreements then blame me, and ask me to leave, when I was already doing more than agreed upon, giving more than agreed upon, has been a great training ground to finally end this unhealthy habit of mine and finally and fully claim self love.

I have a particularly close relationship I have grieved over for years, spent a bunch of money on contacting various healers and counselors to help me heal, doing rituals and my own healing and clearing work, going back and forth between acceptance and letting go and then, feeling like if I only did this or that, it would be a good relationship again and I finally got it! And got it BIG, that relationships take two people, that I’ve done all I can do, and to continue to play my dysfunctional game only keeps me from peace and from fulfilling my spiritual purpose. It also keeps me unavailable for other possible loving relationships that will be mutually supportive and loving.

I am learning that you tell yourself or someone else to let go, but until a certain point is reached, it isn’t possible to fully release. I do believe that meditations, rituals, various techniques are helpful, and I have several on my website  But I believe it is just a point that you finally reach with grace, that allows you to trust enough, love yourself enough, to just let go. And when that moment arrives, the feeling is so clean, clear and sweet as there is now room for true love and peace to flood in and fill you up.

Know that there is much support all around and within you for assisting you in this release process. And after you let go, you will have room to bring into your life and heart what you truly desire, relationships and situations that truly honor and uplift you.

Love, katelon


March 20, 2013 Spring Equinox and Full moon meditation

I just recorded a guided meditation for Spring Equinox and the upcoming full moon. It is on my Oronjo site. You click on the link, don’t need to join, “buy” the meditation for $0.00, and you can either listen or download it. If you do wish you make a donation, you can put in a different amount than $0.00, but it isn’t required. Hope you enjoy it! Be sure to take time before you listen to it to become clear about what your intentions and heart felt desires are that you’d love to bring forth in your life and for the world.  Happy Spring!




When I was a child, I grew up in a new subdivision.  One of my favorite things to do was to roam through newly framed out houses.  I loved the sense of possibility that I could see in the bare bones structure of 2 x 4’s.  When I played house as a child, I would draw out the floor plan on the desert floor and we’d play in that “house”. At night I would often crawl out my window and wander the desert behind our house, unafraid, finding my way in the dark. I started remembering other lifetimes early on, walked in and out of other dimensions and saw spirits that were as solid as humans.  When I was nine, an angel came to me, and took me out to my back yard where Jesus and the disciples were there to tell me what I was to do this lifetime. I figured all of this was just normal, as it was my reality. My parents quickly tried to dissuade me from my visions and convince me that 3D was the only reality there was, so I tried to shut down all I saw and felt, wondering all along why anyone would choose 3D over what I was experiencing.

By the time I was a teenager and driving, I used to drive out into the desert, deliberately taking random turns and eventually weaving my way back home. I never worried about getting lost, in fact, in a way, that was the point…to get lost, and then allow my intuition and Spirit, to lead me home. By this time I had learned to keep my spiritual/metaphysical side to myself and felt quite schizophrenic because of it. In fact, upon high school graduation, I spent part of my summer in the family room, drinking screw-drivers and painting.  I painted a picture of 1/2 of my face as what I look like…brown eyes, brown hair, olive skin and the other side, blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin. That’s how I felt, divided between this inner me, that seemed to be judged wrong or crazy and the face I showed to the world, in my attempt to fit in.

In 1978, I lived in Prescott, AZ and worked at Prescott College for a few months. I was the communication director and was fortunate enough to attend a workshop taught by residents of the spiritual community Findhorn.  The workshop woke me back up to my long ago destiny given to me by Jesus.  But I didn’t know the form it was to take. I knew it involved community but I wasn’t sure what that looked like.  So I ended up buying 5 acres outside of Prescott, hired a neighbor to be, a friend and the seller of the land, also a neighbor, and began to build a house for my son and I. My vision was to build this house and create a community among the others who lived on this land. I was very naive, and the situation ended badly, so I sold the land and house and moved on.

I kept this spark in my heart though. I lived at Lama Foundation in New Mexico, an ecumenical community; I visited several other communities and began my 34 years of researching wellness centers, learning centers, communities and resorts.  I wasn’t sure what I was to do or what this research was to accomplish but I just kept following the clues. Team members and possible funders came and went but I still wasn’t able to build a center/community yet. It felt like my childhood treks and my teenage drives, getting lost, continuing to look at structures/homes and find my way back.

In 1988, I lived in McKinleyville, another leap move of mine. My moves were always initiated by some mysterious pull that called me forward. Sometimes I would know where I was going, had a job set up and money to move, but often it was more of a leap than that, leaping on faith, not knowing where I’d end up or how I’d fund the move and getting settled. I know it was challenging for my son at times, but I trusted he chose me as his Mom and so he was part of this spiritual journey of mine as well.

Where I lived in McKinleyville there was a forest at the end of the block.  Often during the day, when I had some free time, I would wander through the forest, purposely getting lost and finding my way back. Sometimes I’d even find myself in the midst of blackberry bushes completely surrounding me, wondering how I even got into the center of it, but somehow I’d find my way out. Then I challenged myself to learn to walk one of the paths at night, through the forest, the meadow and all the way to the ocean overlook, with no light to guide my way, only depending upon feeling the path underneath my feet. Little did I know that all this lifetime of drawing homes on the desert floor, scrambling through framed out houses, leap moves, exploring and researching wellness centers and communities, getting lost and finding my way even in the dark, was in truth, all part of my destiny and spiritual path. In 1999, an acquaintance had a dream of me walking in a box canyon, trying to find my way out.  I thought of that for a while and realized that the way out of a box canyon is to look for the light and feel the path underneath your feet.  No matter how tall the canyon walls are, the light can still be seen, and your feet can always feel a path showing you the direction home.

For a long time I didn’t understand the length of time that had gone by since my nine year old date with destiny and Jesus and the fulfillment of that given destiny. I didn’t understand why I was led all these years to research wellness centers, communities and resorts and yet not have funded and manifested one of my own yet. It is only since we’ve gotten closer to 2012 that I realized I’ve already been creating these centers on a higher dimension, and I will step into it as the planet and all of life ascends to that dimension.  I have been realizing that all light workers have been doing work that they perhaps aren’t even conscious of and just like I have spent so much time in my life getting lost and finding my way home, following the guidance with often no apparent outer manifestations, so is that true for most light workers. We have all had to live in the mystery, doing what we are guided to do, often without an obvious outer form demonstrating the fruits of our labor. 

I want to salute all of you for being on the planet at this time, as it hasn’t been easy.  It has taken all of us trusting, having faith, moving forward, and holding the light to shine on the darkness, often all while going through our own challenges.  I believe that we will soon be seeing the manifestation of all we’ve worked on. I believe that we all will find our way home, to our true home.  I believe that we have all learned to walk through the dark and keep our eyes on the light, even when we can’t see it, feeling for our feet on the path.  And just as I believe that my wellness center/community dreams are being made manifest, I believe that your true dreams are becoming manifest as well.

So now let’s celebrate this alignment with the light, and the courage and faith we demonstrated in being willing to lose our way and find our way home!

Let us now celebrate a new world of peace, harmony, joy and cooperation!

I love you!  I honor you!  I celebrate you!


Katelon T. Jeffereys 


Autumn Equinox Meditation

      I just led a very potent Autumn Equinox meditation about letting go of all that has been limiting to you in any way and moving toward that which you deeply desire.

      To do this meditation, I would suggest you first write up a list of all the challenges you are facing now and have in the past year, your issues, disappointments.  Then I recommend you sit with this list, fill yourself up with love by focusing on your heart and it’s power and loyalty, think of someone or something that you truly love, feel that gratitude and then flow that love and gratitude out to your list.  Yes, those challenges are hard, and yet there are gifts in them, you have grown because of them….and now it is time to honor them, bless them and let them go!  You can either burn your list or tear it up in small pieces and flush it!

      Next, I invite you to write a list of what you’d like to now experience in your body, your life, your world, for you and the world.  This list you will hold during the meditation.  After the meditation you can do what feels best for you to do with the list…plant it like you would seeds for a flower, burn it to release it to the ether for manifestation…whatever feels right for you.  And now, trust that these will blossom in your life for harvesting!

      Let me know how you like the meditation and what changes within you and your life!  Thanks for taking the time to listen.  Anything you do to change yourself in a positive way, adds to the healing and transformation of the planet!

       To access this meditation, click on this link, then click on the “next” button a few times and you will come to the place where you can download or just listen to the meditation.  Enjoy!

Love, Katelon T. Jeffereys

Free Intention meditation download!



     On Feb. 3, 2011 I led a New Moon Intention circle and meditation.  This is the recording of the meditation. Although this meditation contains references to the New Moon energies, you can do this meditation anytime! I apologize for the very brief weird sound in the middle of it, not quite sure what it was or where it came from?!

     When you click on this link, it leads you to the Oronjo website where you can “purchase” my meditation for free.

     Before starting the meditation, I invite you to create one or more intentions for your life, your body, your world.  Intentions are best stated in the positive, so if there is something that is bothering you, or you’d like to eliminate from your life, your body, your world, then ask yourself what you’d prefer instead.  Rather than say, I don’t want to be sick anymore, you might state “I intend that my body is perfectly healthy and whole, vibrating with energy.”  It is also helpful to state intentions in the present tense, so that what you are intending is happening now….rather than stating “I will, soon, etc.”  Avoid words such as trying, hoping, wanting, to be, and not.  It is also supportive to ask that your intention serve the highest and best good of the Universe and the highest and best good of the world and you.  I like sealing my intention with the words “So be it and so it is”. 

For more information on intentions you can check out:

     So get comfortable, state your intentions out-loud and then you can begin the meditation.  During the meditation I lead you through aligning your entire body and being with your intentions and releasing everything and anything that is blocking you in any way.  Then I use the image of dry cracked soil in a desert, and a seed within the soil, that holds your intentions, waiting for the rain to come and nourish it, allowing them to sprout.  When I do the meditation I envision both the seed as my intentions and myself as that seed, starting out held within what feel to be limited circumstances, blocks and obstacles, and then allowing the rain to come and my intentions to sprout as I am freed of any obstacles, living my divine life.

     Most important is to trust the outcome. Hold that space that believes that YOU WILL achieve your dreams.

     Enjoy and let me know how it goes!!!

Blessings, Katelon

Seattle Life Coach