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Empaths and Narcissists



I really found value in this article.  I am an empath, have been one through most of my lifetimes and have often been snagged by narcissists. I’ve been working to learn to identify them better and  change my behavior that attracts and allows them to do what they do.

So after reading this article, I had a “talk” with my light team to better understand it.  I can see that when I try to “fix” someone, is when I really run into trouble, as that moves me out of my center and then allows the manipulations that a narcissist uses.  Or when I move deeply into feeling their pain, then end up apologizing for them treating me badly, as if it is all my fault.

I have often been a “healer” in most of my lifetimes and professionally in this one, along with my agreements to take on and process the pain of this planet and humanity.  I don’t want to stop this work of mine but am wanting to learn how to better take care of myself.

The light explained that if I just “step up to the plate”, in offering my healing work and my life as an empath, with no attachment to outcome, or allowing anyone to entice me to move “past the plate”, then that will help keep and establish my boundary, keep me in my center and lessen any manipulative behavior by others.  They also reminded me that another way I can get into trouble is when I am feeling a need for validation, acceptance, etc. and seek it from the other, rather than just seeking it within me or from Spirit.

I loved the imagery of just staying in my center as I “step up to the plate”, and either tuning into my heart or connecting upward with my team and Source.  That gives me something to hang on to in my memory to help keep me operating cleanly and keep me from falling into victim.

Here is the article:

Hope you enjoy it and my notes are helpful for you!




Is Peace Possible?



Dramatic sky 3Photo by Katelon T. Jeffereys, taken at Lincoln Park, West Seattle, WA.

I recently had an exchange with a woman angry about the racism she had received or perceived.  I was attempting to support her and also point out that racism goes across the color lines and we’ve all experienced it.  And in my opinion and in the work I do, the focus is to end ALL racism, all that keeps us separate. I explained my lifetime of working to bring about peace. Her response was there would never be peace ever.  Then she criticized the off base American belief in peace. (She lives in the US).

It was a startling experience for me as I truly do believe there will be peace on this planet, I do believe in love and the end to separation and as you know if you’ve read my blog, it is not only my life’s work, it is my entire soul’s journey from the beginning….to assist in the end of darkness and separation on this planet and usher in the light.

I’ve mentioned before that I had an entire class have a club against me in 5th grade, …secret language, all of that, with no one in my class talking to me the entire year….all because I was smart (not something I was trying to do to set me apart as I wanted nothing more than to belong).  No one stopped this circumstance, although I sought help…not the teacher, the principal or my parents.  I went home in tears everyday that year and vowed not to stand out, be me, own my gifts from that day forward. I ended up even more ill and it took years of counseling and healing to get past it.  And that was only one year, so I understand the pain of those who grow up with racism and other prejudices every day, every year, and it IS awful.

My son and I often lived in areas where we were the minority. I watched him get beaten up or bullied by Native Americans, Blacks, Latinos, all because he is white. I had girls want to beat me up in high school, because I was white.  Racism is racism and I work to end ALL of it, all the ways it happens….all this separation over what country you live in, how much money you have or don’t have, what color your skin is, what your sexuality is, on and on. I work to end it all and I do believe that it not only is possible but that it soon will be our reality.

I wrote this post years ago about how I was seeing war everywhere….us declaring war on Iraq (first time), within the people’s bodies I was working on in my massage practice, in my neighborhood and the town I lived in …over environmentalism and logging.  All this separation.

I listened with sadness over the recent reports about the attacks and deaths in Paris, and then after that, the horrible rhetoric of most of the Republican presidential candidates as they stumbled over each other to rant about shutting down our borders, starting a racist and inhumane attack on all Muslim citizens in our country, and other rhetoric from others shouting for more guns, more wars, more violence…as if that is the answer.

It was clear to me from the beginning that this attack was another false flag, set up by the dark to keep people afraid, angry, and reacting with more violence.  In some ways it has worked. But in others, it hasn’t, as I’ve read from many social justice groups, political groups, spiritual lightworkers and other individuals that are calling out even more now for peace, love, and understanding.

Awhile  back when John and I were working together, we helped assist in the head of the Chimera group shifting to the light and then bringing forth the surrender of his troops.  I have worked, on the energetic level, with members of the Illuminati and Cabal who have shifted to the light and are now working to assist in bringing forth the surrender and end of the dark’s rule and the shift into the light.  These are beings/humans, who have been steeped in malevolence, darkness, power over others, now working for the light.  And they all remark on the power of the human spirit that continues to hold love, compassion and peace in their hearts in the face of all the separation, challenges and horrors that these beings  threw at humanity.  It is the power of that ability to respond in love, peace and compassion no matter what, that truly wins and is much stronger than the dark. That is why Ankara surrendered in 1996, as he had to finally own that he could not stop this power of light and love.  And it is what is flooding into this planet now, flowing into all humanity and rising up in victory.

My recent exchange with the angry woman reminded me, sadly, that even when the light is victorious and peace DOES come to this planet, that some won’t see it, won’t experience it and their reality will continue to be one of strife and separation, whether they stay on this planet or go to another dark planet to live happily ever after not experiencing happiness.

I can get obsessive about working for the victory of the light, but I’m also learning that I can’t bring everyone to the light…it is their choice.  I feel sad about that, but I’m not willing to let those who choose the dark to harm this beautiful planet or humanity anymore.

So….my belief and experience is that peace IS possible just as I am learning to be peaceful about some people who won’t choose peace.

What do you think?  Is peace possible in your realm of experience?