Harmony vs Dissonance!



Photo by Katelon T Jeffereys

I was thinking the other day of all the ways that the dark secret governments have used to keep all humanity enslaved, separate from their divine nature, separate from each other. Enforced economic slavery, poverty, duality, wars, and many other means have been used to dumb people down, steal their power, block and interfere with their gifts and talents.  When people are taught to distrust and compete with others, it keeps people from coming together and demanding change.  The dark have distorted the air, water, soil, food supply, health care….on and on.  But to me, the most insidious is how they created dissonance in its pure form of vibration.

Masaru Emoto, a Japanese Scientist, studied the effect of our thoughts and emotions on water.  High vibration feelings like love and joy created beautiful and coherent patterns in the water. Anger and other darker more dissonant emotions created more chaotic patterns in the water.  This work out-pictured what the dark have focused on using their dark magic, AI, technology and other weapons.   Think about this….the dissonance affecting you on a basic level in what you eat, what you think, how you relate to your family, your partner and others in the world. You have probably experienced the feeling of walking into a room where people have just argued and you can feel it tangibly.

Before the mid-1800’s musical instruments had an A tuned to 432 hz, a heart centered vibration, calming and harmonious.  A dark German scientist, Scheibler, started experimenting with changing that to 440 hz…more head centered, more unbalanced.  By 1936 the US adopted this tuning so that all instruments in western countries, all western music, is formed by instruments putting dissonant notes into the music we listen to. Mozart and Verdi stayed with the 432 hz tuning and Mozart especially is known for composing music that is calming and balancing. Pythagoras used the 432 hz for his healing music.  Sound healers today are going back to that 432 hz vibration for tuning.

Medicine in the US used to include homeopathy to a much larger extent. There were homeopathic hospitals and medical schools. Homeopathy operates on the belief that illness is an organ/system/body out of harmony.  Homeopathic medicines were created from natural substances that were diluted down until they were just an essence of the substance.  For example…if a person were to take arsenic they’d exhibit a group of symptoms.  If those symptoms are evident in a patient, the homeopathic remedy, just an essence of arsenic, is given to the patient with those symptoms bringing them back into harmony and thus health.  So homeopathy focuses on bringing a body/mind/emotion back from dissonance to harmony.  Once chemicals were seen for the profit they could create, “scientific studies”, slanted ones, were published to vilify homeopathy and embrace chemical medicines.  Homeopathic hospitals and medical schools were shut down and the American Medical Association was created and all homeopathic doctors were kicked out.  Dissonance in health care has been firmly in place since then.

The same thing has happened with the introduction of chemicals into food production, including GMO’s. Chem trails have been used to spew dissonant chemicals into our air, chlorine and fluoride put in water, all to flood our bodies with dissonance.  And look at most religions with the focus on “Original sin”, teaching dissonance within us at the center of our existence, as if we needed to be at war with our own creation.  Women in most religions are seen as seductresses and/or as less than the male.  All of this dissonance is supported to keep us at war within ourselves and with each other, as we breathe in dissonance in our air, dissonance in our food and water and  listen to dissonance in our music.  No wonder most families, romances, and relationships are filled with conflict, not to mention countries and cultures. But this is the dark timeline.

So imagine on the new light timeline, being in harmony within yourself, with your mental/emotional/physical/spiritual/energetic self in harmony. Imagine having your relationship with Source, your own divinity, your talents and skills and inherent abilities operating in harmony.  Imagine all your relationships grounded in harmony….your home, your towns, your country, the world….all operating in harmony and balance.  Notice how calming that feels, how relaxing with no energy needed to combat dissonance.  Imagine your physical systems, organs and glands operating in the divinely designed harmonious and whole design. Imagine health care based on and using substances and techniques based on harmonious vibrations.  I am so ready for THAT timeline and work for it every day.

May it very soon be so!!!  Sending love and harmony on to all of you!


PS. Thanks for taking the time to read, “like”, comment, share and follow my blog. It means a lot to me to share with all of you!



About katelon

I had been a wellness trainer, therapist, consultant and coach for 40 years, trained in 16 therapies from massage and reflexology to hypnotherapy and NLP, to past life regression and various spiritual therapies. I did my work in person and long distance. I also offered workshops to companies in wellness, stress release, diversity, team building, communication and more. My deepest dream is to create wellness centers all over the world, for not only individual wellness but environmental, family, business, community, and international wellness, along with connecting us with other light citizens of the Universe. I envision a world of peace, harmony and cooperation. I am available as a consultant to work with the creation of wellness centers and eco-villages and often refer others to various wellness centers and resorts in the area of their preference. My present focus is on daily sessions, with a work partner, to shut down the dark control structure and timeline and help usher in a new timeline of Oneness, abundance, peace, and a world that supports the greater good for all, including the planet. It is time to be free of the enslavement and war against this planet and humanity.

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  1. excellent Katelon. I am a firm believer of homeopathy and it is magic. If you get the exact medicine, it heals within hours. There is a strong tradition in India about keeping water along when we pray. This is exactly Masaru Emotu saw in his water crystals. I didn’t know about 432hz. Thank you for writing this. This is an excellent post. full of knowledge. Thank you

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    • I’m so glad you liked it. Thanks for reading and commenting.

      In 1980 I was given the spiritual name “Aradhana”. As I continue this daily work of mine, 24/7, I see now that all my incarnations have been about holding this prayer in my heart…of ending the dark’s power and helping return all creation back to harmony, back to light and love.

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  2. It is interesting to me that I was led to post this post when I did. It had been running around in my brain for a few weeks, and then…it was time to write it. I wanted to dedicate this post to the protests happening around the world and especially in the US, protesting the treatment of people of color, the disparity, the violence, the lack of justice, continued racism that started when Native Americans were slaughtered and abused across the country when White people came to this continent. It all still continues. This is part of the dissonance and dark agenda I talk about in this post.

    The new timeline is about ONENESS, abundance for all, honor and respect for all. I yearn for that timeline and have dedicated all my lifetimes to do my part to bring it about throughout all creation. I hold that prayer in my heart, always have done so. I have always been an activist.

    I ask that all who are reading this to please hold the completion and success of our work in your minds and hearts, and see it done, see the new timeline.

    Holding you all in Love!


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  3. I knew that 432 Hz was the old tuning but I didn’t know it was the tuning of the heart. I found online at least one site that convert audio files to the 432 Hz tuning. However my guidance says that the chakras have recently been evolved and so 432 is obsolete. I don’t know what is the right tuning for us. Maybe it will be revealed during the shift to the light. Thank you for your blog. Have a good day.

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    • Thanks for reading and commenting. The guidance from Source that my spiritual work partner and I have received is that the chakras have NOT evolved. As long as the dark still controls this planet and thus employs their dark timeline, our physical and energetic beings are still being controlled by the dark’s manipulation of our chakra system and our physical vessels. Of course their control still affects our emotional and mental bodies as well. This is why most if not all sound healers use the 432 hz tuning, rather than the dark enforced one. Once the Shift happens, the dark and their control shut down and the new timeline replacomg this dark one, our bodies, all levels/layers/aspects will be available then for full and complete healing and rejuvenation and the energetic and technological/healing techniques and equipment will be available to bring that about.

      I agree that with some of the influxes of spiritual energy and techniques, some people have been able to free themselves more from the dark control. However, with all the dark control that still remains in place, we are all still influenced by and limited by the effects of their dark weaponry and timeline. They have been masters of making their control pervasive throughout all aspects of life on this planet.


      • Thank you Miss Katelon. You made me realize that I rely too much on guidance when there is still so much control from the dark. I’ll be more careful and use more common sense. Thank you again.

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        • I don’t claim to have the whole truth. I just know that when we do our work, and when I do work alone, I create a sacred circle, and do all I can to make sure then when I ask questions of Source, the guidance is ONLY coming from Source without any dark interference nor any interference from my conscious or subconscious mind, my ego or what it is I want to hear.

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  4. Excellent post Katelon. An imbalanced economic system and an obsession with materialisn have made humans become overwhelmed by the pursuit of wealth as a mean to survive

    The side tracking of a holistic homeopathy in favour of a symptomatic allopathy was driven precisely by the priority given to profit over health

    But the world is changing, as one soul at a time recognises itself as the universal source

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    • Thank you for reading and commenting. I appreciate your thoughts. If you have read more of my posts and that of my spiritual work partner, whose link I often share, you will find that we are working to end the power, agenda and timeline of those elite dark forces who are secretly behind what is harming humanity. Humanity has been forced to operate under economic slavery and the illusion of lack and limitation. Those in power set that up in all aspects of life on this planet and it is that that drives materialism, and the competition that is behind that. Advertising, the push for “More” is just the part of the means the dark uses to keep people enslaved. In truth, abundance is the law and there is plenty for everyone. But the system keeps people in struggle. And yes, profit for those in power is part of it.

      The dark in power also have manipulated humanity in many ways to separate them from their connection to Source. So we are working to change all of that…..and not just one soul at a time but all souls, the planet, as we are all one and this kind of change demands a revolution, a coup, shutting down the dark timeline.

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